Special Line Registration For Cosmetics

Yuntu Global Cosmetics Special Line Registration

Transport code


Reference timeliness

6-10 working days in the United States 6-10 working days in Hungary

UK 6-10 working days Latvia 6-10 working days

France 6-10 working days Lithuania 6-10 working days

Germany 6-10 working days Poland 6-10 working days

Italy 6-10 working days Portugal 6-10 working days

Spain 6-10 working days Romania 6-10 working days

Netherlands 6-10 working days Slovakia 6-10 working days

Belgium 6-10 working days Slovenia 6-10 working days

Luxembourg 6-10 working days Sweden 6-10 working days

Ireland 6-10 working days Austria 6-10 working days

Bulgaria 6-10 working days Denmark 6-10 working days

Croatia 6-10 working days Greece 6-10 working days

Czech 6-10 working days Canadian 6-10 working days

Estonia 6-10 working days Norway 8-10 working days

Finland 6-10 working days Israel 6-10 working days

Chargeable weight

1. Canada: If the volumetric weight is less than twice the actual weight, charges will be based on the actual weight; If it reaches or exceeds twice the actual weight, it will be charged based on the volumetric weight (the volumetric weight calculation method is: length * width * height cm/6000=KG). The minimum chargeable weight is 0.1KG

2. Other countries: The minimum chargeable weight in the United States is 0.05KG. The actual weight and volumetric weight of the package shall be calculated based on the larger one (the volumetric weight calculation method is: length * width * height cm/8000=KG);

Does it contain oil

The above is the oil price

Serving the country

1. Delivery services are not provided on European affiliated islands.

2. The United States, excluding remote areas such as Alaska and Hawaii, as well as overseas addresses such as Puerto Rico and Guam; APO/FPO military address.

3. Amazon addresses, APO/FPO military addresses are not available in any country.

4. Poland: Only the following 4 cities can accept packaging addresses: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Krakow Packaging Collection Point Maximum size and weight limit: 60 x 35 x 40cm and 25KG

5. Portugal/Greece: Do not accept POBOX address goods

Declared value

1. UK: Goods with declared value greater than or equal to 135GBP/155USD/150EUR are not accepted; Starting from January 1, 2021, due to the tax reform, if taxes are paid on behalf of the platform or declared and paid by customers themselves, taxes will be paid based on the actual sales amount of customers. Yuntu will no longer be obligated to pay taxes on behalf of customers and will no longer collect VAT from customers in advance. Customers are requested to declare taxes truthfully based on the actual transaction price; Due to the inability of the UK offshore islands (including the British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Guernsey Island, and Jersey) to comply with IOSSS policies, services in this area have been suspended. If customers continue to ship packages to this area, tariffs and consumption taxes will be incurred. The related costs will be reported and borne by the sender, and proof cannot be provided.

2. United States: Our company does not accept goods with a declared value exceeding $800; And do not accept packages with the same recipient name and address, with a cumulative declared value of over 800 US dollars on the same day

3. Other European countries: Do not accept goods equal to or greater than 140 euros or 140 US dollars

4. Canada: Our company defaults to the DDP customs clearance method and does not accept products with a declared value exceeding $99. The Canadian tax exemption is 20CAD. If the declared value exceeds 20CAD (currently 15.5USD), our company will charge a DDP payment fee of 10% of the declared value plus a 2% payment handling fee.

5. Norway: DDP services do not accept products with a declared value exceeding 30 USD.

6. Israel: Goods with a declared value exceeding $75 and a single declared quantity exceeding 5 are not accepted. It is strictly prohibited to conceal information, and any expenses incurred due to concealment shall be borne by the customer. Due to the requirements of local customs supervision policies in Israel, if imported goods are inspected by customs, the recipient is required to provide relevant permits before they can be released

Shipping attributes and Packaging requirements

1. We only accept cosmetics liquid, powder, and cream products, as well as painting pigments, dye powders, oral cleansers, inks, etc. We do not accept any other type of liquid or powder products, and all alcoholic liquids are not accepted;

2. Cosmetic liquids: nail polish (no nail polish), essential oil, toner (no alcohol), lotion, facial mask, eye mask, eyeliner liquid, essence before makeup, makeup remover (no alcohol), etc;

3. Cosmetic creams: facial cleanser, sunscreen (lotion can go, spray is not acceptable), eye black, face cream, eye cream, concealer, aloe gel, BB cream, liquid foundation, makeup lotion, shampoo, body lotion, conditioner, hair mask, lip gloss, lip glaze, etc;

4. Cosmetic powder: lipstick, lipstick, eyeliner pencil, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eye shadow, powder, powder, gloss powder, powder blusher, soap, etc;

5. The capacity of a single package/order for all liquid products shall not exceed 100ml, and live products are not accepted;

6. All liquids, pastes, and fragile products need to be packaged in paper boxes and filled with fillers to avoid leakage of liquids or pastes that may affect transportation during operation and transportation

All pure electric, offensive weapons, and products involving intellectual property infringement are not accepted. For other prohibited products, please consult our customer service or business manager.

Weight requirements

1. Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark: 0<W ≤ 2KG;

2. Other countries: 0<W ≤ 5KG, the minimum chargeable weight in the United States is 50g, and the minimum chargeable weight in Canada is 100g

Dimensional requirements

1. Israel's maximum size limit: L+H+W ≤ 120cm, longest side ≤ 60cm

2. Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Sweden, Norway: minimum size: 10 * 20cm; Other countries: Minimum size: 10 * 15cm

3. All countries except Israel and Canada: Maximum size: 60 * 40 * 35cm

4. In principle, all countries do not accept irregular parts. If the customer wants to send them, an additional processing fee of 150RMB/ticket will be charged.

Return and Redelivery

1. This channel does not provide services for returning goods from abroad to China;

2. Slovenia: does not provide overseas return and redelivery services. Parcels that fail to be delivered due to address issues, recipient not at home, etc. will be considered abandoned and compensation services will not be provided

3. Except for the countries listed in point 2, other countries can provide secondary reassignment services, with the following standards:

1) If the package is returned to the overseas warehouse, it can be resent to the country where the original package was received,

2) The deadline for redelivery is 20 days, which means that within 20 days from the date of notifying the customer of the package return, the customer can choose to redelivery; If there is no response after 20 days, the package will be destroyed by default. The Canadian resend fee is 82RMB/ticket for the first 1KG, and 13RMB/ticket for the second 1KG, rounded up per KG (including return shipping). For example, if the package weight is 1.4KG, the resend fee is 95RMB=82+13

3) Other countries: The resend period is 14 days, which means that customers can choose to resend within 14 days from the date of notification of package return; If there is no response after 14 days, the package will be destroyed by default. The reassignment fee for the UK and US is 40RMB per ticket, while for other countries, the reassignment fee is 50RMB per ticket

Compensation standards

1) Compensation acceptance deadline: An application must be submitted within 60 days after Yuntu's shipment, and will not be accepted if it exceeds 60 days

2) Compensation standard:

1. United States

① If the goods are lost between our company and the service provider, the shipping fee will be refunded after our company confirms the loss; Additionally, compensation will be made at twice the shipping cost, with a maximum of 400RMB per ticket

② If the goods are lost after arriving at the service provider and our company confirms the loss, the shipping fee will not be refunded, and compensation will be made at twice the shipping fee

2. Other countries

① If the goods are lost during the period from our company to the service provider, after our company confirms the loss, the shipping fee (including registration fee) will be refunded; In addition, compensation shall be made based on the declared value, with a maximum of 400RMB per ticket.

② If the goods are lost upon arrival at the service provider and our company confirms the loss, the shipping fee (including registration fee) will not be refunded. The compensation will be based on the declared value, with a maximum of 400RMB per ticket.

3) Claim information requirements:

A. If the service provider confirms the loss of the item, they must provide the required information for the claim within 30 days after submitting the application:

① Screenshot of online refund on the platform

② If the goods are arranged for reshipment without a refund, an online transaction screenshot, dispute content, and reshipment tracking number must be submitted

B. The package was lost during our company's transit process. If it is confirmed to be lost by our company, no proof is required

4) All problematic items must adhere to the principle of first investigating and then compensating, and relevant information must be provided according to channel requirements

5) The official website of the service provider shows that the package has been signed for, but the customer says they have not received it. Our company will assist in checking, but will not provide compensation.

6) The package was damaged during transportation and no compensation will be provided

7) Force majeure agreement: Force majeure includes but is not limited to social abnormal events (such as strikes, riots, wars, terrorist activities, public health events, major epidemics, epidemics, etc.), natural disasters (such as blizzards, hail, fires, floods, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, power outages, natural disasters, etc.), any government actions (such as expropriation, requisition, restriction orders, control, measures, etc.)

Unexpected traffic accidents, modifications to regulations and policies, actions, decisions or orders of judicial authorities, delays in customs inspections, flight delays, and other unforeseeable, unavoidable, and uncontrollable situations or events. Under no circumstances shall Yuntu Logistics be liable to customers for any kind of damage, destruction, loss, demurrage or failure to fulfill obligations arising from force majeure events.

During the global epidemic of novel coronavirus (WHO: COVID-19 Pandemic) in 2020-2021, the epidemic situation has been listed as a force majeure factor by the government. The logistics service restrictions caused by the epidemic situation and the time delay caused by the temporary measures of service providers are not within the scope of our compensation

Customers are not allowed to send prohibited items/dangerous goods/infringing goods/sensitive items prohibited by laws and regulations or contracts. Once discovered, Yuntu Logistics has the right to intercept, isolate, freeze, stop transportation, return to customers, detain, destroy, or transfer to authorized authorities for processing the prohibited and restricted items submitted by customers. The service fees incurred for the delivery of related prohibited items will not be refunded;

If Yuntu Logistics is subject to compulsory measures, administrative penalties, or third-party claims by government departments, airports, port management departments, or other institutions due to the customer's violation of the aforementioned delivery obligations, the customer shall bear a penalty of 1000 yuan per ticket. If Yuntu Logistics suffers other economic losses (including but not limited to damages, administrative fines, etc.), the customer shall also compensate together.

Other requirements

1. It is best to provide sales links and customs codes (for customs clearance convenience)

2. The declared product name cannot be a general category declaration, it must be a specific product name. For example, electronic accessories, components, etc. cannot be declared alone.

3. If multiple packages are sent to the same recipient and address on the same day, the declared value will accumulate, and the accumulated declared value cannot exceed the maximum declared value limit of that country (the customer who conceals the report will bear taxes)

4. If taxes or other fines/additional fees are incurred due to customs inspection and determination of low declaration, including but not limited to the following scenarios, Yuntu has the right to collect relevant fees from customers

1) Due to customs inspection, the customs directly requested the recipient of the package to provide inspection related information to the customs system, which resulted in additional taxes being charged by the customs

2) The declared value of the package was deemed low by the customs, but the declared value is still within the duty-free limit. The customs charges VAT based on the higher value, and the VAT for the package is paid by Yuntu on behalf of the customs

5. For fragile items such as ceramics, glass products, and special plastic handicrafts, if the customer wishes to ship them, they must take protective measures themselves to reduce the risk of damage to the goods. Our company will not be responsible for any compensation related to the transportation damage of the goods

In order to reduce the deformation/damage of goods caused by transportation during operation and transfer, the customer can consider adding shockproof materials around the inside of the package. Each fragile article can be separately packed with shockproof materials such as foam or bubble paper. Fragile articles can be labeled with fragile labels and packed in cartons. Packaging suggestions can be referred to

Special reminder: Once the customer agrees to accept our company's services, it is deemed that the customer has carefully read the remarks in this price list and our shipping terms, and accepts the constraints of each clause.