Mexico Dedicated Line

Yuntu Global Dedicated Line Registration Mexico Dedicated Line

Service Introduction

After the epidemic, there was a fierce online traffic battle between Europe and America, and Mexico's vision was full of business opportunities. For sellers who are breaking through new markets and have the resources, it's worth showcasing their skills in this new blue ocean. To compete in this market with a growth rate similar to that of a cheetah, high-quality logistics services are needed to accelerate and escort. The Mexico dedicated line service launched by Yuntu Logistics (discounted electrification, discounted general cargo) can be delivered within 8-12 working days, with a delivery rate of up to 95%, giving Chinese sellers an advantage in the Mexican market. At the same time, the Brazilian warehouse service scope established by Yuntu radiates to major Latin American countries, providing strong logistics support for sellers to explore Latin America.

Product Overview

Yuntu Global Dedicated Line Registration (Special Offer Live) Mexico Dedicated Line

Transport code THZXR

Package weight limit 0-10KG, minimum chargeable weight 20g

Size limit 60 * 40 * 35cm

Shipping attributes can be connected to built-in batteries, matching batteries, kitchen knives, and fishing gear

Yuntu Global Dedicated Line Registration (Special Offer Universal Goods) Mexico Dedicated Line

Transport code THPHR

Package weight limit 0-10KG, minimum chargeable weight 20g

Size limit 60 * 40 * 35cm

Shipping attributes only accept general goods

Starting from June 9, 2020, the tax exemption amount in Mexico is USD50. For goods with a declared value exceeding 50 USD (including 50 USD), our company will charge a 19% tariff based on the declared product value by the customer, and the tariff will be charged to the sender.

The declaration requires that the name and declared value of the goods be truthfully declared. The declared product name cannot be a general category declaration, it must be a specific product name. For example, electronic accessories, components, etc. cannot be declared alone.

Delivery address requirements

① Parcels with recipient addresses belonging to remote areas will be subject to a remote area surcharge of 20RMB per ticket. If you need to confirm the scope of remote areas, please contact your account manager.

② If the recipient's address is changed within 2 times, they can apply for free. If it is changed more than 2 times, an additional correction fee of 25RMB per ticket will be charged

Parcels that fail to be delivered within 30 days after delivery will be automatically rescheduled for a second time.

Return and Redelivery

The redelivery period is 30 days, which means that within 30 days of notifying the customer of the package return, the customer can choose to resend it; If there is no response after 30 days, the package will be destroyed by default. The reassignment fee is 25RMB per ticket.